December 19, 2022

6 Examples of Glazing for a Home on a Sloping Site

Written by Rebecca Clayton

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Maximising views on tricky sloping building sites

When a house is located on a sloping site there are always logistical challenges and complexities, but the possible views are amazing. The proper use of architectural glazing on a sloping site home offers excellent opportunity to maximise views from the elevated site position.

Below are some brilliant examples of glazing for a home on a sloping site.

Home on a Sloping Site in Guernsey

a large modern house set on a cliffside

The Moorings is set within a sloping site overlooking the sea at St Peter Port in Guernsey. Architects – The Drawing Room – created the home to maximise views over the sea.

Set in the cliffs above the coast, the home on a sloping site was designed ‘upside down’ with the bedrooms on the lower floors and living spaces above to get the most of the views. A large shaped structural glass window takes up the centre of the home with slim framed sliding glass doors to the living spaces either side to offer uninterrupted views from all living areas.

The bedrooms below still offer excellent views from the sloping site thanks to the vertical sash windows that span the full wall width. The slim sash window slides down, maintaining the 21mm sightline across the window whilst creating a Juliet balcony design.

Home on Sloping Site in Cornwall

three storey home on sloping site Dynargh Cornwall

The three storey family home overlooks the beach in Cornwall set up on the sloping cliffs. The home maximises views over the elevated location with large expanses of architectural glazing to the rear.

The multi-material façade is punched with large format sliding glass doors and matching pivoting glass doors to offer carefully chosen views. The architectural glazing was expertly integrated into elevations of black timber as well as traditional stone to the centre floor.

Sliding glass doors and frameless windows frame the views from the home on a sloping site whilst the various balconies ensure that all living and bedroom spaces have access to outdoor space.

Home on Sloping Site in Barnet

home on sloping site in barnet

Overlooking the greenery of Dollis Valley in Barnet sits High Acres. The large detached home sits expertly within the elevated sloping plot, replacing an existing post-war house on the same footprint.

This house is located with London’s greenbelt and used expertly specified installations of architectural glazing to connect the home with the greenery that surrounds its.

Large double height structural glass windows pair with slim sliding glass doors to the basement courtyard to ensure that nature is never far from any room in the house.

Home on Sloping Site in Weymouth

home on a sloping site in weymouth

Belle Vue utilises its sloping site to create a staggered living space with secluded garden rooms and garden areas.

The large home set at the top of the slope offers excellent views of Weymouth Bay thanks to its curved frameless glazing and large sliding glass doors which feature on both the bedroom and living spaces.

Further down the site, a stand alone garden room acts as a secondary living space with slim framed sliding glass doors. This secluded living space is set further down the sloping site with direct views south over the sea.

All the various platforms of the sloping garden site are lined with frameless glass balustrades to ensure that views are not interrupted.

Home on Sloping Site Overlooking Mawgan Porth

house overlooking sloping site in cornwall

Architects Watershedd maximised the views from this cliffside home in Mawgan Porth with strategic use of architectural glazing.

From the street view the home is almost indistinguishable from the surrounding landscape thanks to its carefully chosen façade. However, on the sea facing elevation large expanses of architectural glazing offer excellent views thanks to the sloping site location.

From the living rooms and bedrooms you can see a perfect view of the Mawgan Porth beach below. The home uses a mixture of locally sources materials for the exterior structure with structural glazing and slim framed sliding glass doors fully interfaced with these important materials.

Home on Sloping Site in Dartmouth

house on sloping site overlooking dartmouth

Vine house sits high along the western side of the River Dart, with a sloped site and upside down house design. The living spaces occupy the top floor of the home to maximise the views from the slopped hillside location. The bedrooms are all located on the ground floors.

The house is orientated towards the views, with slim framed sliding glass doors and structural glazing maximising the outward views. A large balcony on the upper floor is walled by glass with frameless glass balustrades offering uninterrupted views over surrounding countryside and river.


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