May 22, 2023

Tower Avenue, Build It June 2023 Project of The Month

Written by Taylor Hall-Jones

In the June 2023 issue of Build It a multitude of IQ Glass projects were featured. The "Project of the month" for June is Tower Avenue which is a modern family home complete with Framless glazing, Keller minimal windows, slot windows and skylights. The home was transformed by opening the vast entrance and installing glazing to ensure that natural light illuminates the space throughout the day.

The architects for this project were AU Architects, the author noted that:

      "AU Architects wanted to make the most of the warm and bright southern facade through the use of curtain wall frameless glazing by IQ Glass"

This project is a great example of how any family home can be transformed into a modern 21st century home which will be in trend for the foreseeable future.

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