August 23, 2022

The Rusty House Featured in Grand Designs Cladding Article

Written by Rebecca Clayton

Rusty House featured in Grand Designs

Riverside home featured in Grand Designs article, recognised for unique Corten steel cladding. 

When Grand Designs explored how metal cladding can be used to enhance and transform a home, they featured Corten steel cladding as a low maintenance option for introducing different textures and colours into the wider design. The Rusty House used a combination of architectural glazing and steel cladding to create a completely unique design that simultaneously contrasted and blended into the riverside location.

The rusty red finish of the Corten steel at The Rusty House was designed to enhance the frameless and minimally framed glazing, using frameless architectural glazing to create entire walls of floor to ceiling glass for completely uninterrupted views of the surrounding environment. All the glazed elements were specific with a marine grade finish to ensure suitability and durability in the extreme conditions, with Corten steel having a life expectancy of around 35 years.

The article goes on to explore other metal cladding options including aluminium, zinc or copper. Corten steel cladding is amongst one of the most contemporary metal cladding options, with the ability to offer different finishing options depending on what is desired and how the metal is treated when installed.

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