November 30, 2018

Refurb and Restore Online Issue 22

Written by Rebecca Clayton

Gauden Road featured in Refurb and Restore

Gauden Road Featured

Gauden Road featured in Refurb and Restore Online to discuss how "the times when adding a conservatory to the back of properties has gradually developed with homeowners discovering how an architect can take the traditional conservatory concept and transform this idea with the use of structural glazing and modern glazing systems". Gauden Road is a modern balcony style extension to the ground floor of a London terrace home, the home has a basement level that can be accessed from the rear garden, therefore the extension needed protective barriers (structural glass balustrades were used here) due to the level change in front of the sliding glass doors.

Along with modern glazing systems, there is also modern technology for glazing such as solar control glass "a solar control glass coating applied to the internal face of the external glass panel of an insulated glass unit". Kaap Studio Architects used solar control glass on these large elevations of glass to reduce the heat during the Summer months for this extension.

Sliding doors "have the ability to completely open the walls of the 'glass box' to give the owners a modern indoor-outdoor living space". Keller minimal windows® sliding doors were used in this project due to their exceptionally thin sightlines which do not interrupt the homeowner's view of the garden.

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Gauden Road


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Frameless Glass Balustrades, minimal windows sliding glass doors, Aluminium Casement Doors, Structural Glass Roof