August 10, 2018

Real Homes Online June 2018

Written by Rebecca Clayton

Heated Glass in kitchen design

IQ Glass featured in Real Homes Online in the June 2018 article ‘How to heat a Kitchen’. The article showcased modern ways to create a heat source for kitchens including underfloor heating, range cookers and heated glass.

Heated glass has a transparent metal oxide coating; electricity is passed through the coating which generates a radiant heat source. Heated glass has many uses other than just for the use of a heat source, the warm surface of the glass also prevents condensation forming on the glass and stops snow and ice from freezing and sticking onto the surface.

When designing a new kitchen, heating is a very important factor to consider, there are many different options available and choosing the right one depends largely on the design of the kitchen. IQ’s Heated Glass is fantastic for when wall space is limited (as it can be difficult to find space to install radiators) because heated glass serves as both a window and a heat source the internal space is maximised by this smart technology.

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Products Featured: IQ Heated Glass

Publication: Real Homes Online