August 29, 2017

Real Homes: Extensions for Every Budget: Paulton’s Square

Written by Rebecca Clayton

Extensions for Every Budget Paultons Square

Paulton’s Square Feature

Paulton’s Square was featured in the supplement in the ‘Extend for under £100K’ section. The design, supply and installation of this double height glass extension cost £60,000.

The design brief for this London home was to design and install a double height glass box with slim sightlines. IQ Glass was asked to create a self-supporting structural glass extension with the addition of slim framed sliding glass doors to mirror the glazing above.

All glazing installed on this extension is heated to keep the glass box extension warm throughout the colder months, controlled by a wall-mounted thermostat.

Find out more about the Paulston’s Square project here, including a structural glass roof and a set of our minimal windows sliding glass doors.

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Paulton’s Square

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