July 14, 2023

Pigment House Featured In Archello Online July 2023

Written by Taylor Hall-Jones

A Mexico inspired home with slim sliding glass doors and a structural glass roof.

Pigment House was recently featured on archello.com as part of a new project case study. The London based home has been transformed into a stunning pink themed home with a Mexican inspired “dusty-pink” coating which flows from the outside garden area and into the kitchens pink floor.

To separate the outside area and kitchen, a stunning set of IQ Glass minimal windows slim sliding doors were installed. The 4 track system with tinted glass for extra UV protection allows the homeowners to completely open the living space to create one cohesive outdoor-indoor social area.

The extended footprint of the home enjoys plentiful light through full width glass roof extension supported by engineered glass beams, and large sliding glass doors, further brightening the previously dark spaces. -archello

Along with the slim sliding doors, a structural glass roof has been specified paired with three glass beams to further reinforce the roof. This feature allows for the sunlight to illuminate the kitchen and reflect the pink tones from outside and inside around the dwelling.