August 11, 2020

Oversized Glazing in Self Build & Design

Written by Rebecca Clayton

_A Practical Guide to Windows & Glazed Doors

A Practical Guide to Windows & Glazed Doors

Bedford Gardens featured

One of our completed projects, Bedford Gardens, was featured in the September issue of Self Build & Design. The feature, titled ‘a practical guide to windows & glazed doors’ explores how to choose the right windows and doors for a new build project.

IQ designed and installed numerous glazed elements for the garden area to the rear of the property. These modern elements included oversized slim sliding doors and fixed frameless glazing, seamlessly connecting the kitchen to the outside area.

Beyond the sliding glass doors is a walk on floor light, allowing natural light to flow into the basement floor of the home. Frameless glass balustrades encompass the cosy outdoor seating area, offering safety barriers without obstructing paths of natural light.

The glazing has been featured due to its appearance, energy efficiency and security. The glass door systems from IQ are renowned for being high performing systems with uncompromised designs.