May 1, 2020

minimal windows for a contemporary garden room

Written by Rebecca Clayton

Garden house featured in Real Homes

Garden Room Featured on Real Homes

This elegant garden room, featuring minimal windows, was recently featured by Real Homes in their article surrounding contemporary garden rooms. For this project minimal windows were chosen for the slim sightlines of just 21mm, making the most of the expansive garden surroundings.

The space is used as a lounge area for the family who strived to achieve a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere.  With this in mind, indoor-outdoor living was achieved by the minimal framework, whether the sliding doors were open or closed. The wooden clad box extension seamlessly connected the area to the landscaped garden by using natural materials alongside the ‘almost invisible’ glazing.

Using the minimal windows systems ensured the glazing was high performing and thermally efficient, helping to create a comfortable living area even throughout the colder months.

The elegant, sleek design complements the woodland area situated nearby and the inclusion of an opening corner configuration makes the lounge inviting, perfect for entertaining.


Products featured:

Minimal windows sliding glass doors

Project featured: 

Garden Room 2 MW