May 30, 2023

IQ’s Invisio Structural Glazing Feature in Archello

Written by Michelle Martin

Archello recently wrote a piece on the Glass House, which featured IQ’s invisio structural glazing. In rural Kent, the Glass House is a new build in the grounds of a former country estate. The property was designed by Selencky Parsons to embed itself in its historic background, referencing the architectural designs of the surrounding agricultural buildings and utilising the pre-existing brick garden wall as a feature piece of the house.

The house features an ‘up and over’ glazed entrance utilising IQ’s invisio structural glazing, which is designed to optimise thermal insulation in the property. A north facing entrance helps to combat overheating, creating a comfortable internal environment year round.

The structural glazing boasts panoramic views of the surrounding estate and allows natural light to flood the open plan living area.

Invisio structural glazing is an increasingly popular form of glazing, allowing maximal natural light in the property with the highest standard of thermal insulation maintaining a comfortable living environment. IQ Glass offer a range of bespoke structural glazing options to suit individual property needs.

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