March 23, 2022

IQ Mentioned in Livingetc Sunrooms Feature

Written by Rebecca Clayton

steel framed glass box extension to create sunroom

Investigating techniques to enhance natural sunlight in residential spaces, read on to see how sunrooms can enhance a residential space to promote wellbeing.

Living etc published an article offering expert advice about techniques to enhance residential home designs and create extra light input into a smaller space. Using various glazing solutions and techniques to enhance residential spaces and general wellbeing as well as reduce the need for artificial lighting in the daytime.

An extract from IQ explains the significance of structural glazing on sunrooms as structural glazing “Is the easiest way to maximise the natural flow of light”.

Various systems can be used to maximise the natural light intake into a space, rooflights can be a great addition to bring light into a space. Invisio fixed rooflights can be easily installed on both pitched and flat roofs and rooflights allow a higher level of light intake compared to some vertical glazing systems.

Connecting roof glazing fixtures to vertical glazing solutions creates an opportunity to connect an interior and exterior space while using high-performance systems to merge the spaces together. A glass box extension is a great choice when extending in narrow spaces or if your residence is in a space where natural sunlight is limited throughout the day.

Although steel glazing systems are often chosen for a more traditional approach, IQ Glass utilise modern advances in glazing technology to ensure steel-framed glazing benefits from modern performance values. The steel profiles in this sunroom were fully thermally broken, to eliminate the risk of heat loss through the glazing and ensure the highly glazed space remains a comfortable living temperature for year-round use.  

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