June 3, 2019

Indoor - Outdoor Living

Written by Rebecca Clayton

IQ's Hatcham Park mentioned as having one of the best aluminium windows in Build It

Hatcham Park Featured

In the Wealden Times, there was a feature about bi-folding doors which showcased various bifolding door systems and projects that have utilised aluminium bifolding doors. These aluminium systems concertina back to create wide open apertures that break to divide between the indoor and outdoor living spaces.

The bifolds installed to Hatcham Park were designed using a 3-pane system that neatly fold externally resulting in a completely open aperture. The large panes of glass create the feeling that the homeowner is outside when they are inside as the views into the garden are so expensive.

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Project Featured:

Hatcham Park

Products Featured:

Aluminium Bifold Doors