March 4, 2019

How to project manage an extension/renovation

Written by Rebecca Clayton

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Victoria Park Road Featured

Victoria Park Road was featured in an article in the online Real Homes Blog which discusses how to project manage an extension or renovation. This advice is particularly useful for self-builders who are looking to save money and are willing to take on more responsibility.

The article included advice about what the project manager needs are, what will be a day-to-day requirement, how to choose a good sub-contractor and much more. "Many subcontractors and tradespeople are members of a trade body or guild that acts as an industry regulator and standards authority". The article mentions that when finding a good subcontractor, "the best way is through recommendation." This is because it's much more likely that someone who is working off a personal reference is less likely to "jeopardise their livelihood by letting you down and damaging their reputation.

For more advice about how to project manage an extension or renovation visit Real Homes.

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Victoria Park Road


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