July 15, 2021

Homebuilding & Renovating Features IQ Glass Picture Windows

Written by Rebecca Clayton

frameless effect picture windows are a brilliant way to frame views of the outdoors

Our oversized glazing was featured in the advice article alongside some expert advice on specifying picture windows.

Homebuilding & Renovating wrote a piece surrounding picture windows, focusing on how they can be used to forge a strong connection with the outside world from within the home.

Invisio, our in house developed structural glazing system, can be used to create large elevations of oversized glazing, otherwise known as frameless picture windows. As well as frameless glass installations, slim framed aluminium profiles can be used to create a similar effect. Windows of this nature are characterised by their expansive use of glass, allowing the view of the outside to be the primary view as the name would suggest.

Due to the extremely minimal nature of these windows, they can be used to enhance both contemporary and traditional homes. Particularly for properties in coastal or rural settings, framing these nearby views could transform the interior design. As well as framing views and creating a highly glazed effect, picture windows allow floods of natural light into the internal living spaces.

Uninterrupted paths of natural light is key to oversized glazing and structural glass is perfect for creating large elevations of uninterrupted glass. Although large sizes can be achieved with aluminium profiles, the nature of structural glazing means that there are few limitations on size, shape or structure.

You can read the full article here.