July 9, 2018

Homebuilding and Renovating August 2018

Written by Rebecca Clayton

Green Barn featured in home building and renovating

Green Barn Featured

Green Barn was featured in the August edition of homebuilding and renovating to showcase a glass link that was installed to a barn extension. The article discussed how different types of glazing can be used to provide bespoke glass links for projects.

Rebecca Clayton from IQ Glass offered advice on which glazing to use when there is a thermal protective barrier between the two properties to be linked. "The advantage to the homeowner of using single glazing is that you are able to achieve a much more minimal design."

The glass link installed to this barn creates the illusion of a gap between the connecting properties thus creating a stunning feature piece to the barn. As mentioned in the feature, glass links are a fantastic way to draw additional light into the property while offering a minimalistic frameless design to the building.

Projects Featured:

Green Barn

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Glass Link