April 28, 2021

Grand Designs Features IQ Glass Juliet Balcony Advice

Written by Rebecca Clayton

Grand Designs Features IQ Glass Juliet Balcony Advice

Our expert advice on glazed balcony designs was featured


In the April issue of Grand Designs Magazine, a feature surrounding balcony design featured expert advice from IQ Glass about Juliet balcony designs. Rebecca Clayton of IQ Glass explains how a Juliet balcony is perfect for achieving the most minimal design, utilising the clear nature of glass.

The advice explains how utilising frameless glass balustrades in a Juliet style grants views of the outdoors from inside, as well as introducing tones of natural light that wouldn’t be achievable with a different material. The glass specification IQ use is toughened, laminated glass to ensure the safety of the occupants in the event of a breakage.

The feature goes on to discuss how these glass balcony designs can be used in conjunction with sliding glass door systems from IQ Glass. In this instance, the glass balustrade is fixed internally at the base, using a channel that is embedded in the floor for a minimal interior design. If a Juliet balcony is used in conjunction with a hinged or bifolding door that opens inwards, the balustrade must be fixed on the outside.

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