March 14, 2018

Good Homes April 2018 - Dalston House Feature

Written by Rebecca Clayton

Dalston House Featured in Selfbuild & Design

Dalston House Featured - Good Homes April 2018

The Dalston House project was featured in the April issue of Good Homes in the 'Extension' section of the magazine within an editorial titled 'Our glass extension is a revelation'

This extension was designed by HUT Architecture. The homeowner's requirements were to keep the extension looking minimal but not minimalist while keeping the character and aesthetic look of this modern design, with light drawing into the building.

minimal windows® slim framed sliding doors from IQ Glass were used as part of the project. With sightlines of only 21mm natural light can pass into the home easily, providing an unrestricted view and easy access to the garden. A large structural glass roof above offers a clear view of the sky while a double-height addition to the side of the extension makes space for a light-filled staircase.

Projects Featured:

Dalston House

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Aluminium Pressings and Flashings, Structural Glass Roofs, Aluminium Casement Doors, Frameless Windows, Minimal Windows Slim Framed Sliding Glass Doors