April 25, 2018

Glazed Doors in Build it April 2018

Written by Rebecca Clayton

Glazed doors were featured in the renovation and building section of magazine Build It as part of the article Glazed Door Design.

IQ Glass were mentioned as part of ways in which a glazed door can connect your home and garden including discussions about design and door types.

Rebecca Clayton from IQ Glass offered expert advice about the doors including French doors and Pivoting doors, she said "the size of the opening can determine which type of glazed door will be the best scheme" and "most glazed pivoting doors are actually manufactured as windows".

Pocket doors from our Malbrook Road project were featured in the magazine providing a fantastic open space, clear unrestricted views and a sleek minimum finish.

The article mentioned types of glazed doors that can be used within any property to maximise natural light intake to the living space and provide fantastic weather protection.

Projects Featured:

Malbrook Road


Products Featured:

minimal windows ® , Mondrian® External Doors