August 15, 2018

Glass Floors in Build It Extensions Bible 2018

Written by Rebecca Clayton

Victoria road features in Build it Extensions Bible

Victoria Road Featured

The basement extension at Victoria Road featured in the 2018 edition of Build It Extensions Bible to showcase how the size of a property can be increased and enhanced with a structural glass floor. The glass floor serves as both a floor to walk on in the garden and as a large opening in the ceiling to allow natural light to channel through into the space below. This clever glazing technique removes the feeling of a dark and closed basement by opening it up with tonnes of light and connects the room with views of the outdoors.

"If your extended space is beneath street level on all four sides, then IQ Glass's structural glass flooring could be a stylish way to channel sunlight into your basement."

Structural glass floors can be created with steel support sections, or frameless glass beams can be used to provide a cohesive transparent design. In this modern project, the glass floor was inset into the garden patio which created a contemporary garden feature. Read the full article in the Build It Extensions Bible 2018.

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Victoria Road

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