January 31, 2023

Extension to historic building in Warwickshire on Built It Extensions Bible 2022

Written by Rebecca Clayton

Glazed extension on Built It 2022

The contemporary extension design by the Hayward Smart Architects featured in the 2022 Extensions Bible by Build It. IQ Glass designed and installed high-performance slim sliding glass doors from floor to ceiling. 

A combination of slim sliding glass doors and casement windows provided daylight in the brand-new space. The high-quality aluminium framing profiles created a well-insulated living area set within a sensitive timber cladded structure. Large panes of glass with very minimal framing provided the incredibly beautiful, blended views. The base track was concealed for the flush surface between the spaces. 

The materials used on the exterior elevations of the contemporary extension were explicitly chosen to match the Georgian brick house. Contemporary extension to historic house allowed to have more modern internal area for the couple. 

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