May 9, 2019

Creating the perfect indoor - outdoor living

Written by Rebecca Clayton

The Bevel extension with Vitra Pivot Door featured in Build It magazine

The Bevel Extension Featured

Creating indoor-outdoor living spaces is becoming a huge design trend in the UK and the desire to build homes that have a strong connection to their garden space is growing increasingly popular. Within the June edition of Build It magazine, advice was provided on how to create an indoor-outdoor living experience.

The Vitra Pivot system was mentioned as this product can help "create a connection between inside and outside spaces with a minimally-framed glazed door". The slim aluminium frames of this pivot system provide beautiful views of the outdoors and therefore helps to bridge the divide between the two environments.

Installing large glazing systems or filling wide open apertures with a series of slim sliding doors or structural glazing is an excellent method of connecting two spaces together as the large areas of glass provide the illusion that there isn't a divide between the spaces.

Project Featured:

The Bevel Extension

Products Featured:

Vitra Pivot