May 20, 2019

Combatting Overheating

Written by Rebecca Clayton

Yew Tree House Featured in Combatting overheating article

Yew Tree House Featured

Heat within properties is a challenge that architects need to tackle, especially when designing large elevations of glazing. To combat this issue and the 'greenhouse effect', Solar Control Glass can be used to help maintain a comfortable temperature within the internal living spaces of properties all year round.

The glass box extension to Yew Tree House was designed with a solar control glass coating to the glazing to help reduce the amount of solar gain within the building. IQ, worked with Eastabrook Architects to create this sophisticated glass box extension adjoining the existing heritage building.

"Specialist glazing can help to minimise overheating while preserving a high level of light transmission". Solar Control Glass is recommended on large glass installations, especially on south-facing facades.

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Yew Tree House

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Solar Control Glass, minimal windows Sliding Glass Doors, Structural Glass Roof, Glass Box Extension