July 9, 2018

Build It Online

Written by Rebecca Clayton

Old Fort Road featured in home design magazine

Old Fort Road Featured

Old Fort Road, an IQ Glass project, featured in the Home Design Guide: Insulating Concrete Formwork (ICF) on Build IT Online. The project was featured due to the large glazing installation that was paired with a large amount of concrete used to provide an energy efficient insulating formwork.

Old Fort Road was located on the south coast, therefore the owners of this property wanted to maximise the views out across the coastline and sea. The minimal windows® system offered unapparelled views, especially as a minimal windows® pocket door was included in this design to offer a completely open aperture. In addition to a pocket door, a corner opening sliding door system was also installed to offer fantastic views for the owners to enjoy and to allow the sea air to flow into the property. 

Due to strong winds that may occur on the coastline, a concrete form is a great way to add insulation and protection to the property. Combined with the minimal window® sliding door system, which has been tested for hurricane resistance, the property provides the owners with a stunning, secure and well insulated coastal property. 

The Build It feature included Old Fort Old in this article, among other properties built with Insulating Concrete Formwork (ICF) to showcase how elegant concrete can look when paired with stunning design features including expansive glazing. 


Projects Featured:

Old Fort Road

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minimal windows ® sliding pocket door system, fixed frameless structural glass, corner opening minimal windows ® sliding doors