June 5, 2018

Build it Online March 2018: Design It

Written by Rebecca Clayton

French Doors, Pocket Doors, and Pivoting Doors by IQ Glass

Door glazing designs were featured in the 'Design It' section of Build It online as part of the guide explaining the designs and door types available.

IQ Glass have mentioned throughout the guide different ways in which a glazed door can connect your home and garden including advice from the experts and the different types of doors and design you can go for.

Rebecca Clayton from IQ Glass offered expert advice about the doors including French Doors and Pivoting Doors. "The size of the opening can determine which type of glazed doors will be best for the scheme," Says Rebecca Clayton from IQ Glass. "French options are better for smaller doorways."

The Malbrook Road project was featured showcasing a pocket door installed as an open corner when glided back providing open and clear space.

The article went into detail regarding the different types of glazed doors that you can opt for within any property. Different types of doors provide plenty of benefits such as full protection against weather, quality, aesthetic and the natural light intake to a property with expert advice from Rebecca regarding the use of pivot doors on a project.

The guide can be found here:  https://www.self-build.co.uk/guide-glazed-door-design/

Project Featured:

Malbrook Road


Products Featured:

minimal windows®, Mondrian External Doors, Vitra Pivot