August 15, 2018

Build It Extensions Bible 2018

Written by Rebecca Clayton

Priory Park features in Build it Extensions Bible

Priory Park Featured

Priory Park featured in the 2018 edition of Build It Extensions Bible, to provide a case study of the process that the building went through to create this modern extension. The extension saw the installation of minimal windows® sliding doors, frameless glass and aluminium windows - finished with a roofline of reflective glass. The reflective glass gives the illusion of a larger space and therefore makes the property feel larger.

The article gives a case study of the ups and downs that the project and the owners faced during the planning and building stages as well as 'top tips' that they learnt through the duration of the work.

This 'extensions bible' gives an insight into real-life case studies, highlighting the size, cost and duration of the project, as well as the owners, own journey and lessons, learnt that they otherwise would not have known.

Architect Miles Griffies, from Red Squirrel Architects "designed a contemporary open-plan scheme, fitted with expansive glazing, to house the kitchen, diner and lounge". To the exterior of the property, the owners chose reflective glass to be applied to the roofline of the property which reflected the surrounding landscape as well as light into the garden. Read the full article in the magazine, discover more about reflective glazing in our technical glass menu on our website.

Projects Featured:

Priory Park

Products Featured:

minimal windows® sliding doors, Decorative Glass, Reflective Glass Coatings, Aluminium Windows, Frameless Windows