August 15, 2019

Bringing the light inside

Written by Rebecca Clayton

The stables featured in Architects Data File

The Stables Featured

IQ Glass was featured in the Architects Data File in an article called 'Bringing Light Inside' which discussed how various internal glazing systems can be used to increase the light within interior designs. There is a wide selection of interior glazing systems to choose from including contemporary frameless systems as well as steel-framed systems.

Steel framed glazing, such as the Mondrian interior glazing system offers exceptionally slim framing to allow light to continue to flood throughout the living spaces while offering a traditional 'New York Loft' style aesthetic.

Within the article, it mentions that "internal glazing systems can be used in interior designs to create versatile open and broken plan living spaces... Within interior designs, it is often the case that 'less is more'. Therefore, frameless glazing systems can be the ideal solution as they don't offer any additional visual obstruction, add a sophisticated finish to interior designs".

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The Stables