June 9, 2023

Barlby Road | A minimal windows Project Listed for just under £13 Million

Written by Taylor Hall-Jones

Lakeside Cabin panoramic views sliding glass doors

A luxury family home in the heart of London featuring various minimal windows products.

Barlby Road in the heart of North Kensington is a 5-bedroom luxury home which has a very distinct style, focusing on raw materials and lighter tones the home is an escape from the busy London streets.

IQ Glass were contacted to specify and install a variety of glazing systems. Most noticeably our bespoke slim sliding minimal windows doors which allow for the living space/kitchen to become one with the garden. The doors act as a structural unit to support the back side of the house. It is extremely important for the glazing to withstand the weight placed upon it due to the floor to ceiling design choice.

Within the master bedroom another set of floor to ceiling sliding glass doors act as windows. A seamless glass balustrade protects the opening to create an interior balcony for when the sliding doors are opened.

A very interesting feature of the home is the interior structural glass wall which sections the upstairs stairs and basement stairs away from the main living space. Not only does this add a touch of uniqueness to the home, but it also serves as a great safety measure to stop anyone from falling down or through the staircases.

This project is still for sale through Domus Nova for £12,950,000 and will be a great home for any London resident looking for an escape from the busy nature of London.

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