July 1, 2016

ADF Architects Datafile July 2016

Written by Rebecca Clayton

Bedford Gardens Feature

Bedford Gardens was featured in the July issue of ADF Architects Datafile in an article titled, ‘Ask the Architect’.

This article focused on Nash Baker Architects and how Baker himself became an architect and what he enjoys focusing on with projects.

An internal image of Bedford Gardens was used to show the garden views from inside the home.

Within the article, Baker was questioned on the strong connections between the homes and gardens in his projects.

Baker responded with, ‘Linking the building with a garden is key to the flow of any house.’

The garden in our project is linked very well with the home due to the installation of glass sliding doors, allowing a merge between the two living areas.

Projects Featured

Bedford Gardens

Products Featured

Sliding Glass Doors, Sandblasted Glass, Glass Balustrades, Structural Glass Floors