August 19, 2020

A sourcebook of the top 50 home extension essentials

Written by Rebecca Clayton

What to consider when planning an extension Home Building & Renovating

Victoria Park Road & Yew Tree House Featured

Two IQ Glass projects were featured in an online Real Homes article titled “House extension suppliers: a sourcebook of the top 50 extension essentials”. Victoria Park Road (an extension with steel framed doors) and Yew Tree House (a glass box extension to a listed property) were both featured.

Yew Tree House was featured in section number 3 which provided advice about the best frameless glass extension sources. The glass extension to Yew Tree House is especially beautiful because the frameless glazing was carefully installed so that it caused minimal disruption to the façade of the listed building.

Real Homes say, “While they’re more expensive than many other extension types – budgeting for a minimum of £3,000 per m² is recommended – they’re a standout feature that’s particularly perfect if your home offers stunning views”. Although this is the case, glass box extensions are also preferred for listed buildings as they allow the existing building to be seen through the glass and can be installed without altering the skin of the building too much.

Victoria Park Road was featured in the 15th section which talks about the best heated glass sources. Heated glass is “an investment that many consider worth making if you’re opting for a glazed extension, heated glass not only prevents the build-up of condensation but also eliminates cold draughts and effectively heats a space without the need for radiators”.

IQ Glass as a company was mentioned in the article: “We’ve mentioned them before and we’ll mention them again, IQ Glass are the people to contact for all things specialist glazing”. 

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Projects Featured 

Victoria Park Road

Yew Tree House