September 9, 2019

A guide to rooflights

Written by Rebecca Clayton

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Victoria Park Road Featured

Rooflights are an excellent option to increase the amount of natural light within properties. They are a natural method of illumination for your home that will make rooms appear bigger and brighter. When an increase in daylight is desired within the home, rooflights are a favoured solution as they allow sunlight to directly penetrate down into the property below.

There are many rooflights available, from pitched rooflights through to auto venting rooflights and flat fixed rooflights. At Victoria Park Road, a project that featured within the Real Homes magazine, a series of frameless fixed rooflights were installed alongside steel framed glazing. Steel framed doors lead the homeowners out from their kitchen extension out into their garden.

Due to the large glazing installation, the light in the new extension was plentiful. “This structural glass roof is supported by steel sections finished in white to merge with the wall finishes and introduces light where side windows weren’t a possibility”.

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Frameless Rooflights

Slim Mondrian Doors

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Victoria Park Road