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Victoria Park Road rooflights feature in Real Homes magazine

Victoria Park Road Featured in Grand Designs

Rooflights for Single Storey Extensions When it comes to choosing a rooflight design for your home, there are many aesthetic and technical aspects to consider; from deciding between frameless or intricate designs, to the more technical specifications of the glass itself. A recent article by Grand

Green Barn glass link featured in Homebuilding & Renovating

Stunning Glass Extension Ideas

Green Barn Featured Warm an inviting glazed extensions are suitable for all year round if they are designed well. There are many different glazed extension configurations to create a bespoke extension tailored towards the requirements of each project. Glass Box Extensions can be designed with

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A guide to rooflights

Victoria Park Road Featured Rooflights are an excellent option to increase the amount of natural light within properties. They are a natural method of illumination for your home that will make rooms appear bigger and brighter. When an increase in daylight is desired within the home, rooflights are

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