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Roof Glazing

Rooflights and roof glass can be specified with or without a frame, based on the project's design specifications. Because it lets light enter a room from above, roof glazing is a fantastic way to increase the amount of natural light in a building.

We provide a variety of custom roof glazing options, including structural glass floors and roofs, sliding rooflights like the revolutionary M.A.R.S sliding glass roof system, Single-pane static rooflights, also known as skylights, are quite common in cities, especially in London where light is so scarce. Examples of these include lantern rooflights, auto sliding or opening roof lights, and glass floors and roofs.

To guarantee the security of anything or anybody underneath, the interior pane of every overhead window we offer is laminated and hardened.

Structural Glass Roofs

Any space or room can have a fully glazed roof thanks to the use of structural glass in roofing applications. Particularly helpful in interior spaces with distant or small external windows, as well as rear additions where side windows could be obstructed by nearby properties.

Because of advancements in glass technology, these overhead structural glazing components may maximise natural light penetration while maintaining a room's warmth and comfort regardless of the outside weather.

In most cases, structural glass roofs require some kind of structural support. Low iron glass beams, with frameless detailing at the borders to conceal all brackets and fittings to the structural glass beam, can add a great entirely transparent horizontal feature to a space.

H.E.R.A, A.R.E.S, M.A.R.S Rooflight Systems

The high-spec electric rooflight automation system, or HERA, aims to update roof access systems and push the frontiers of architecture. Utilising the most recent developments in glazing technology, the automatic sliding box access rooflight creates a high-performing system without sacrificing its simple style.

The Automated Rising Electric Rooflight is a rooflight that defies convention in contemporary design. This system may be customised to meet the needs of any project by using premium motors and the best grade aluminium.

With automated actuators for access and automatic roof components for ventilation and comfort, the ARES rooflight opens on hinges.

For aesthetic or non-structural reasons, the system can take on any shape.

The goal of this sliding rooflight system is precisely to accomplish MARS, which stands for modern automated rooflight system. The custom rooflight system was created internally to provide unique, specialist sliding glass roof solutions. With an outstanding lead time of just 10 weeks, the automatic sliding glass rooflight is designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom.

Access to a roof terrace and increased ventilation for the living area below are two benefits of the premium sliding roof system.

Roof Glazing at The Showroom

Various roof glazing systems can be seen at the IQ Glass flagship showroom in Amersham just 30/45 minutes from London. Here we have installations that use our invisio system to create an up and over roof extension as well as a frameless structural rooflight within our external glass box extension in the courtyard.

We also have a fully bespoke A.R.E.S and M.A.R.S rooflight system installed within the showroom space that allows for a full demonstration of both automated systems. This can be seen with any member of the sale steam on appointment only!