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Box Rooflight Design

The system is fully thermally broken to ensure comfortable living temperatures are achieved all year round. As well as providing access to roof gardens, the system can be specified in a bi-parting configuration, or in a sliding over fixed configuration.

There are two motors available to ensure large sizes can be accommodated, with the max sizes reaching a staggering 2000mm height x 6000mm width. From the internal view, the aluminium system is extremely minimal and can be finished in any RAL colour, to match the interior design.

A heavy-duty bumper seal is included as standard with the HERA, as well as brush seals to ensure the system is completely weathertight and suitable for extreme climates.


Technical Specification

The typical glass specification for HERA is 8mm TXD / 20mm argon gas-filled cavity with warm edge spacers / 13.5mm TXD-SGP-LAM. The laminated inner pane is essential for overhead glazing, as this holds the glass in place in the event of a breakage and prevents any harm or damage.

The glass is structurally bonded to the aluminium frame, increasing the security of HERA whilst maintaining the most minimal design. Thanks to the thermally broken perimeter and frame, condensation build-up is kept at bay and the system is properly insulated when closed.

When specified as part of a rooftop garden, the motor can be concealed underneath external finishes such as desking or raised stone surfaces. Integrated drainage is recommended and the gutter system from IQ is designed in keeping with the modern, sleek design.

Roof Access

When using the sliding box rooflight as an access point to a garden or rooftop space, it is important to consider the appearance from the outside. Although many glaziers will neglect to consider this, HERA is engineered with the same minimal design on the inside as the outside to ensure it does not disrupt the exterior design.

The smooth sliding motion is achieved using high specification motors, always resulting in a smooth sliding motion. Flexibility in the design allows the system to act either as a design feature or blend seamlessly with the surrounding environment.

In order to offer a completely bespoke glazing system, various control options are available as well as a wide variety of colours and frame finishes. This allows architects and specifiers to tailor the system to meet any specific needs.

Smart Integrations

HERA can be controlled by a simple wall switch, or by remote control, keypad, or smartphone. The sliding rooflight can also be integrated within a complete smart home automation system, operating alongside other smart home technologies.

A weather sensor integration is available, which works by automatically closing the box rooflight if rain or strong wind is detected. This integration is not recommended for access rooflights.

Specifiers can also include a dew point detector, which automatically opens the system if a pre-determined humidity level is reached, adding ventilation to the internal living space when needed.

Safety Integrations

There are a number of safety integrations with HERA, to ensure all installations surpass the standards set by building regulations and guarantee the occupant's safety as well as longevity of the systems.

UPS battery backup provides protection in the event of a power outage, allowing the rooflight to be closed for security and weather tightness. The sliding box rooflight can be integrated to work as part of the building's fire protection system, which can signal to the rooflight in the event of a fire.

The frame uses sensors to offer obstruction detection, which forces the sliding motion to stop if an obstacle is detected, protecting the machinery and the occupants. If there is a fault with a HERA installation, IQ can provide remote support and fault checking via the cloud.




H.E.R.A Sliding Box Rooflight Product Data Sheet