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Glazing for Luxury Residential Car Garages

luxury residential car showroom garage

Luxury residential car garages are the latest ‘must have’ for luxury house design. Particularly if you have a love of cars and motors you want to house them somewhere they can be appreciated, sheltered and – most importantly – seen.

The best way to achieve this residential car showroom design is with the use of specialist architectural glazing within the design. Minimally detailed glazing and glass clarity are key to showcasing the vehicles. Using minimally framed glazing systems and the right glass specification is hugely important in the success of these glass car house designs.

Rare and expensive cars should be showcased so not just the owner but guests too can appreciate their beauty. Glazing can turn your garage from an overlooked area of the home into a design focal point, as a luxury garage is essential for any super prime property. Read on below for our guide to choosing the right glazing specification for your luxury garage design.

Where Will the Luxury Garage be Located?

The location of the luxury garage will determine what type of glazing will be most suitable.

Is your garage a stand alone building? Is it in the basement? Is it attached to the house?

Basement garage spaces can utilise internal glazing and glass roofs above to great advantage. These elements of architectural glazing allow light to penetrate the basement garage area and ensure that the car collection is visible to other areas of the basement.

Luxury garages which are stand alone or attached to buildings would be more likely to use slim framed sliding doors with flush thresholds that can be driven over. These large format sliding doors are essentially frameless, providing uninterrupted views of the cars.

Glazing Options for Luxury Garages

Choosing the right glazing for luxury residential car garages is vital for security, aesthetic and the wellbeing of the vehicles.

Anti-Reflective Glass for Garages

is manufactured and treated to avoid reflections and glare from glass surfaces. In passing you would want people to have a clear view of what is inside luxury residential car garages without reflections that detract from the car’s appearance, offering a clear view of the automobiles. 

Low Iron Glass for Garage Designs

By manufacturing glass using ingredients with naturally low iron contents these glass panels achieve unprecedented clarity and transparency. This process removes the naturally occurring ‘green tint’ from the glass and is used in places where ‘invisible glazing’ is required. This will ensure the cars are viewed as clearly as they would from inside the garage. 

UV Protection in Glass Garage Doors

When it comes to luxury residential car garages the last thing you want is the paint on a high end car to become faded from the sun's UV rays. The best way to prevent UV fading is to specify your architectural glazing systems with either a PVB or SGP interlayer.

These interlayers can also block up to 99.9% of the UV rays, preventing them from damaging and facing the exterior of the car.

barn renovation and extension including sliding glass doors and a luxury showroom garage

Heated Glass for Glass Garage Designs

The IQ Heated Glass System can be designed in large, minimally framed glass panels and heats the internal space with radiant heat to ensure that the area is kept comfortable. Specifying heated glass has the additional benefit of reducing condensation build-up on glass, keeping the glass clear throughout any weather conditions.

Maintaining a steady warm temperature within a car garage ensures that the fluids and oil are kept in a stable condition. This is especially important if the car is not driven often.

Solar Control Glass for Glass Garage Doors

Applying a metal oxide coating to the inner side of the external glass pane in a unit blocks the sun's infrared rays, preventing solar gain and ensuring that the internal space does not become too warm. This is known as solar control glass and these coatings are recommended for any oversized or south facing elevations of glazing.

Solar control glass should also be specified to protect the cars within luxury residential car garages. The sun's UV rays can cause damage or discolouration on the paint used and therefore should be taken into consideration at the earliest stages of planning a glazing installation to ensure the team can recommend the right coatings and specifications. Solar control glass offers UV protection, preventing any fading or discolouration.

Low E Glass in Glass Garage Doors

Low E stand for low emissivity, and this coating will prevent heat from escaping the luxury residential car garage. Maintaining a comfortable temperature in the space is not only essential for comfort but preventing the space from becoming too cold aids in preventing damage to the car's engine if left idle for extended periods of time.

luxury car driving over flush threshold glazing

glazing for luxury residential car garage

Minimal Framed Glass Garage Doors

Vertically Sliding Glass Garage Doors

For maximum transparency minimal and frameless detailing is obviously required. IQ are experts in designing high end minimal glazing solutions that provide a frameless finish.

Using minimal framing for the glazing on a luxury car garage means that it will blend seamlessly with any contemporary house exterior design.

Clever detailing at the head, base and junctions of the glass mean that the IQ design engineers can design the glass structure of the car showroom to ensure the glass panels are maximised and the joints are minimised.

Vertical sliding sash windows can also be utilised to create glass car houses, with the ability to slide upwards to reveal a completely open aperture, perfect for driving through. These large windows use the same sleek profiles as the minimal windows® sliding doors and can be designed in two pane configurations with a fixed pane at the top and a moving pane that slides seamlessly over the fixed pane for access.

Sliding Glass Garage Doors

Some of the slim sliding door systems have an invisible frame option, meaning the threshold is completely flush and the outer frames are completely concealed within the building finishes.  

Slim framed sliding doors are perfect for glass car houses as the flush thresholds of these sliding doors can be driven over. The minimal windows® sliding door system is certified for barrier free access under DIN 18040-1 and DIN 18040-2, offering peace of mind when driving over the tracks and creating glass car houses that are functional as well as stunning.

Having a flush base threshold allow cars to easily drive over it without any damage to wheels. Pictured right is a luxury car garage for cars including an Aston Martin vantage v8 which was ‘Britain’s first super car’. It is vital with these cars everything is done to ensure their safety.

luxury car showroom garage in a barn conversion home with large sliding glass door

Luxury Residential Car Garage Inspiration

Oversized, minimally framed glazing is not only suited to contemporary architecture home designs, but to any style including traditional and anything out of the ordinary. IQ recently designed and installed the glazing for a barn renovation and extension.  

Alongside the glazing around the home, this project features 8m long minimal sliding doors along one of the luxury residential car garages. This system has a completely flush finish so the cars can be driven easily and smoothly in and out of the garage. 

The glazing was designed around the existing traditional brickwork, bringing a touch of elegance to this modern barn conversion house design.  

The sleek, modern and minimal design of IQ products means that they bring out the beauty of the building around them rather than taking away from it. All types of styles, projects and desired aesthetics can be achieved. 

Using innovative design and detailing when it comes to the glazing and framework elements can make a showroom stand out from the rest.  


Choose the Glass for your Luxury Garage from IQ

We encourage motor dealers and their showroom designers to consult with IQ Glass UK and explore the possibilities of design to maximise the effect your cars in your showroom have.  

To discuss bespoke glazing for luxury residential car garages, contact the IQ team today:


luxury cars on display in a residential glazed garage with flush thresholds

luxury residential car garage with large sliding glass door