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Glass in Garden Designs

a glass bridge in a garden design for cool gardens

Using Architectural Glazing as part of a bespoke garden design  

Architectural glazing and glass is often used to the rear of modern builds and extensions, designed and implemented to connect the interiors to neat or sprawling outdoor spaces beyond. Garden designers and landscape architects are tasked then with creating an outdoor space that is worth of the view from these large elevations of glass.  

But have you ever considered integrating glass into the garden design itself?  

By using architectural glazing within a garden landscape you can achieve a unique and well crafted garden design that utilises the beauty of glass to its best.  

Read on below to see just some of the ways that you can use glass in garden designs.  


Glass Bridges in Garden Designs  

Where a garden design includes a bridge over a feature or water element, a glass bridge or feature can be integrated into the walk on structure to allow light and vision through the bridge.  

This glass bridge was used as part of the award-winning garden design by Cool Gardens at RHS Hampton Court. The glass floor panel was provided by IQ as part of the Gold Medal winning garden design, and helps to create a glass bridge across the tranquil spa pond.  

a glass bridge in a garden design for cool gardens

The glass was designed with a blue hue to mimic the appearance and design of water.  

This house renovation on Lowndes Square also uses a glass bridge as part of the small rear garden design. The use of the glass bridge allowed more flexible access to the garden whilst maintaining light into the basement patio and living areas.  

a glass bridge as part of a rear patio garden design in London


Glass Balustrades in Garden Designs 

Glass balustrades are used extensively in patio and garden areas to protect against level changes whilst not disrupting views.  

These types of glass balustrade can be completely frameless, leaving only clear glass which ensures that views from the garden to the house and vice versa are maintained.  

The glass balustrades at Nomansland in St Albans were specifically chosen for the garden design in order to maintain the integrity of the rear elevation of the house whilst creating a basement lightwell. The basement houses a gym and leisure facility. The glass balustrades allow the steel look glazing and white rendered walls to be unobstructed from the rear fo the garden.  

glass balustrades to a garden design in st albans

The house renovation at Bedford Gardens also included glass balustrades extensively in their garden design. The courtyard garden connects the main house to the guest house on the rear of the plot. Glass balustrades line the basement lightwell to ensure that large solid barriers were not needed which kept the small London garden design open.  

 glass balustrades in a garden design in London

Glass Floors in Garden Designs  

If gardens or patios span over basement spaces, then a glass floor or floorlight can be included within the garden or patio. These glass floors allow natural light to enter the basement areas whilst not reducing the useable space of the garden design.  

Hamilton Terrace is a great example of a glass floor integrated into a lawn. The glass floor sits over the basement swimming pool that spans under the rear garden. Heated glass was used within the glass floor to stop any condensation build up underneath from the humid space.  

a glass floor in a lawn as part of a garden design

A narrow glass floor was used within the patio of the bespoke garden design on Paultons Square, bringing light into the new living space that was created beneath the rear garden.  

 a thin glass floor in the patio of a rear London garden design

Glass Rooms in Garden Designs  

Of course, for more functionality you can create an entire glass room within a garden design.  

These glass walled spaces can be used for living, relaxing or working as a remote home office.  

The glass room within the garden of Melbury Road was completely walled in glass, using a mixture of frameless structural glass and integrated sliding glass doors for entry. The glass room sits within a water feature with stone steps leading to the glass space.  

a glass room in the rear garden of a London garden design

The glass garden room in St Johns Wood had two sliding glass walls that opened on the corner, opening the glass room to the garden. Partially built into the lawn with a green roof, the garden room acted as a home office and study area.  

 a glass garden room in a garden in north London

Using Glass in Garden Designs  

If you are looking to integrate glass into your garden design, contact the team at IQ who will be able to help with specification and design advice.  

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