Glazing Applications

Glass for Balconies


Maximum Transparency

The main reason an architect or client would incorporate Glass into a Balcony design is for maximum transparency throughout the design. It also allows unobstructed views of the building aspects even through the required safety or comfort measures.

Glass Balustrades are becoming more and more prominent in the residential design. IQ's structural solutions can design and manufacture a structural, fully frameless balustrade for all projects. Not only are they incredibly attractive, they have a whole host of other benefits.


An Excellent Barrier

A glass balustrade provides an excellent barrier around your balcony, no matter how large or small it is. The beauty of using glass balustrades around your balcony is that your views are completely uninterrupted both looking out and looking up, towards the building design.

Glass balustrades are a great option for a number of reasons. Perhaps the primary reason why they are so popular is that they are so see-through, which means that when they are installed, your views are not lost at all. This is important to be able to see your surroundings, whether that's your garden, your pool or entertaining area, or the views of the city, forests or beaches beyond. You can use glass balustrades in any style home, not just modern or contemporary.

As well as being incredibly attractive, IQ's glass balustrades are also fantastically safe. They are made using thick, toughened glass with PVB interlayers ensuring that all units are extremely safe and durable. Their safety and durability make them wonderfully suitable for areas where children will be and mean that they can stand up to just about any conditions.

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Balcony Protection

In some cases, it is warranted to have the option of enclosing the balcony space, either to protect against the elements, lower external noise pollution or just create a barrier between you and the outside world.

Depending on the need and use of the partition you have the option for a framed or completely glazed finish.

IQ's non-thermally insulated sliding folding glass panels provide protection against wind, rain and sound, whilst leaving the view uninterrupted by a messy framework. The panels are able to neatly slide around a corner, or slide away to a hidden compartment leaving your balcony open and breezy during nicer weather.