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A flush window finish to minimise frames and maximise views.

With structural glass systems the aim is always to maximise views and minimize framework to create the perfect system and finish for a project. In most cases the framework of the window can be fully hidden within the building finishes creating a frameless, modern effect. A flush window is often desirable in modern projects where bringing in a great deal of light and enjoying vast views is of high priority.

While our IQ designed Invisio structural glass can be frameless in 99% of installations, sometimes the structural opening may be too large or very unique leading to the frame of the system being visible to withhold structural integrity. To combat this, the design team at IQ have designed a stepped glass detail for a flush window finish.

A stepped glass window detail example

A stepped glass detail means that the glazing is extended over the window fixings to conceal the framework therefore providing a full flush window appearance.



Stepped Glass Flush Window Examples

Flush Glazed Slot Windows into Brick at Sky House.

At Sky House we have a huge variety of glazing systems on show including a structural glass installation with a stepped glass finish. Just before our brand new Timber themed Avino showroom we have a large tower with several slot windows installed to bring light into the area. Because the tower has been constructed from brick, a frameless appearance was difficult to achieve. The stepped glass design allows for the glazing to cover the fixings and appear frameless upon the first glance.

Triple Glazed Flush Window at Gainsborough House

Gainsborough House is a commercial project that has ultra unique brickwork as part of its design.  This led to as issue for the installation and design of the invisio frameless structural glass window which is a standout feature of the building. The “random” pattern of the brickworks meant that it was almost impossible to create a frameless effect if it wasn’t for the stepped glass technology. The stepped glass continues over the slim aluminium frames which allows for a full flush window finish.

Flush Glazed Clestory Window to Basement House.

Camlet Way is a fully bespoke home with a vast up and over rooflight that features a stepped glass detail with back-painted glazing. The installation was completed using structural beams and supports which if left uncovered would effect the minimal aesthetic. Using stepped glass allowed for the supports and pressings to be hidden which was further assisted by using back painted, black glass to ensure that the pressings were hidden.

A Full Height Frameless Window with Flush Finish

At Belsize Lane this full height window has been installed for this kitchen and living extension. With naturally low ceilings but a taller exterior structure, it created a challenge for designing a window that would appear as modern and as minimal as possible. The decision was made to step the glazing all the way past the interior ceiling and connect with the exterior building timber cladding.


Stepped Glass for Flush Sliding Doors

The stepped glass finish is also available on the brand new minimal windows NGS system which allows for a flush base finish, 6m tall panes and exceptional thermal performance. The NGS stepped glass detail is functional due to the base frame being recessed below the floor level and the glazing being stepped over the base frame. This reduces the visible frame from 36mm to 16mm.

Unlike other invisible threshold options, the wheels and sliding rail of the NGS Floor is always accessible. This is important for longevity, drainage and maintenance throughout the sliding glass door’s life.  


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