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The Ultimate Ideas for Double Height Entrance Hall Designs

Using Double Height Entrance Hall Designs to Create the Perfect First Impression

Thanks to recent developments in architectural glass, windows can now be as large as two stories.  Whether they are fixed or have vertical sash windows, double height windows can add elegance and minimalism to any building.

Double height windows are perfect for usage in areas like mezzanines, stairwells, and two-story rooms. At IQ, where flexibility is essential, our expert team can assist in creating double height windows to satisfy a variety of needs.

This eye-catching architectural glass solution radiates elegance by assisting in ensuring optimal levels of natural light.

Double height glazing can also be used for vast double height entrance hall designs to create an eye-catching frontal façade.


Why Have a Double Height Entrance Hall?

Entrance halls will be the first thing that people see when walking into a home or building. This sets the tone, theme and “vibe” of the space before venturing into other rooms and spaces. Creating a welcoming environment in any building will allow guests to feel at ease and relax in an unfamiliar space. Using a double height entrance hall allows for an abundance of light to enter the space, especially when integrating IQ structural “Inviso” glazing into the elevation. This combined with the taller ceilings creates the ideal entrance and greeting environment.


Using Glass in Double Height Entrance Hall Design.

Double height entrances that integrate glazing can benefit from the additional light that it provides. Entrance designs can be either fully constructed using structural glass or include elements of glass to finish the ideal bespoke design. A common misconception is that frameless glazing can only be used for modern projects, however this is not true. Frameless glass can be used in timber entrances and more classical homes to provide a touch of modern design and flair. The same Invisio structural glass can be used as a frameless glass roof which presents the opportunity to have an up and over glass double height entrance hall.


Double Height Entrance Hall Projects

Forty Farm – A Traditional Double Height Entrance Hall

Situated on an estate spanning over 80 acres, Forty Farm is an opulent residence featuring six bedrooms, numerous reception areas, a swimming pool, and a spacious basement gym. All of the architectural glass elements on this property were designed and installed by IQ Glass, giving the amazing, traditional-looking house light-filled living areas.

Forty Farm’s double height entrance features structural glass which is surrounded by timber supports to create a “barn like” feel. The pitched rood with triangular glazing panes also assists in keeping to the classical, barn-like aesthetic. The double height glazing allows for the entrance hall to be packed with natural light.

Tower Avenue – Three Storey Double Height Entrance

A comprehensive architectural glazing package was provided for this modern home makeover in Surrey. The most efficient approach to achieve the architect's goal of bringing in as much light as possible in this house is through the use of windows.

The double height entrance hall at the front of the building gives the lobby and stairs an impression of greater space from the inside, which makes them appear airy and welcoming. The glass extends to the third level of the house as you go up the stairs, guaranteeing that no space is left unlit.

Roman Park House – Ultra Modern Double Height Entrance Hall

A modern, two-story luxury new home with large structural glass was built on a prominent Little Aston private estate, replacing a dilapidated detached bungalow. 

An integral component of the modern architecture of the opulent new construction Roman Park House was a custom glazing package with casement windows, pitched rooflights, double height structural glass, and slim sliding glass doors.  

This double height entrance hall is slightly different to the previous examples due to the fact that the structural glazing has been installed next to the main entrance door instead of the door being integrated into the façade. With the door not attached to the double height glass, it allows for a full glass up and over wall to be present.

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