Both Gainsborough House and Lea Bridge Library have been shortlisted for their respective categories.

Several IQ Projects Shortlisted For The AJ Architecture Awards 2023

A significant number of projects from all areas of architecture have been shortlisted for their respective categories in the yearly and much awaited AJ (Architects Journal) Architecture awards 2023.


At IQ, we eagerly await the announcement of the AJ architecture awards' shortlists in the hopes that our efforts have been noticed by the architectural community.


We are excited to share this year's news that two of our outstanding projects have been shortlisted. Both of these glazing packages were successfully finished by the IQ Projects team after many months of work.


First, there are the Awards for Cultural Projects. Gainsborough House is a renovation project that was pushed by the local community and which has brought Sudbury's small town together. This glazing package's primary goals were to increase light and accessibility. Gainsborough House, that includes an art gallery and a café, is the perfect location for holding community events that highlight the abilities of regional artists.


The second project nominated is Lea Bridge Library. Lea Bridge, one of our most well-known and esteemed installations, has been shortlisted for the Civic Project Award. Lea Bridge, located in the heart of East London, had undergone an expansion that increased the learning space and made place for a café and additional reading areas. The floor to ceiling curved and structural glass has been combined with the wood addition to create a continuous glass façade that can be enjoyed by everybody.


Once again it is a pleasure to be nominated for such prestigious awards and we are eagerly awaiting the results.


Click here to read more about both Gainsborough House and Lea Bridge on our IQ Projects web page.