Build It Awards 2018

Minimal Windows® Guillotine Window, Sieger® Slim Casement Window Shortlisted

Best Windows Build It Awards

The minimal windows® Guillotine Window and Sieger® Slim Casement Window have been shortlisted for the Build It Awards 2018 in the category of Best Windows. This annual award event celebrates all aspects of self-build and renovation projects, from architects through to the glazing systems.

The vertically sliding guillotine window is designed for large elevations of sliding glass that can be either manually operated or automated. The beauty of this modern glazing system is the incredibly elegant thin horizontal sightlines that offer uninterrupted views of the garden and surrounding landscape.

The Sieger® Slim Casement Window is an impressively high performing aluminium framed casement window system with a frame profile of just 65mm. With such thin frames, you can ensure that you create a minimal window design for an almost frameless aesthetic.

The winner will be announced on the 9th of November 2018!