Gainsborough House | Finalist for RIBA East Awards 2024

A Listed Art Gallery that Serves its Community.

A major local initiative for Sudbury was the renovation of Gainsborough House, which was made possible by funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund. Sliding glass doors lead to a community café, an events area and an art gallery housed in this Grade I Listed building in the centre of Sudbury.
Enhancing accessibility for the entire community was one of the renovation's main goals. The building's historical significance and the local architecture were carefully taken into account when redesigning the building's facade. As a result, the improvements were made to improve the location's appeal for gatherings.


The RIBA East Awards have shortlisted 17 projects for the prestigious award which showcases the broad range of architectural designs and thoughts over the past few years. A huge focus has been on sustainability for awards this year, therefore timber themed projects are frequently favored.

Congratulations to all involved and we hope to receive the award soon!