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IQ Glass are the UK's leaders in architectural glazing and as such work with some of the UK's most exciting and talented architects and designers. Both IQ as a company and our contemporary projects are nominated, shortlisted and winners of numerous awards both in the UK and abroad.


Dormers by IQ Glass Shortlisted

Dormers, a new build highly glazed house, has been shortlisted for the Glass House Award in the International Design & Architecture Awards 2019. This highly glazed modern home possesses a contemporary aesthetic both internally and externally due to the modern buildings components and glazing systems.

A Guillotine window was installed alongside various minimal windows sliding doors to enhance the seamless indoor-outdoor living environment. "The homeowners wanted a large hallway with a double height guillotine window installed as well as large open apertures to enhance the seamless environment".

Dormers has been shortlisted for this award due to the highly glazed design which emphasises the length of the contemporary home. The winner of this award category will be announced later on in the year.

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Dormers Double Height Glass Wall

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Minimal Windows Slim Framed Sliding Glass Doors, Guillotine Windows


Warwickshire Farmhouse Shortlisted

Last week the shortlist for the RIBA West Midlands Awards 2019 were announced. This included 15 projects ranging from barn renovations, conservations and a bank! One of these shortlisted projects was our Warwickshire Farmhouse project which IQ Glass completed the glazing package for.

IQ Glass worked with Hayward Smart Architects to create a sophisticated farmhouse extension that featured a three-track minimal windows sliding door that met with a single pane sliding door which met at one corner of the extension – this allowed the farmhouse owners to open up the aperture to create a beautiful connection between the indoor and outdoor living spaces.

"The shortlisted projects will be assessed by a regional jury, with the winning buildings announced at an awards ceremony on Friday 17th May".

Architect - Hayward Smart Architects

Photography Credit - Nic Barber-Robinson

Publication - architecture.com

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Warwickshire Farmhouse

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Minimal Windows Slim Framed Sliding Glass Doors, Sieger® Aluminium Windows

Water Meadow Shortlisted for a Design Et Al Award


Water Meadow

Water Meadow has been shortlisted for a Design Et Al award this year, in the Residential Architectural Property Award category.

Water Meadow is set within a conservation area with outstanding river views at the rear of the property. The architects, Jackson Ingham Architects, designed this property using large corner opening sliding glass doors and beautiful hand made local bricks. The large sliding doors enable the homeowners to enjoy incredible views of the surrounding landscape. To make sure that the views could be enjoyed in various rooms, vertical internal walls were kept to a minimum, resulting in a beautifully open-plan home.

Read more about this award here.

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Water Meadow

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Minimal Windows Slim Framed Sliding Glass Doors

Best Glazed Doors


Sieger® Slim Sliding Doors Shortlisted

The Sieger® Slim Sliding Doors have been shortlisted in the Best Glazed Doors category in the Build It Awards 2018. This annual award event celebrates all aspects of self-build and renovation projects, from architects through to the glazing systems.

Each sliding glass pane can be manufactured to an outstanding size of 3000mm high x 2200mm wide with a maximum pane weight of 320kg. The glass can be constructed with a maximum glass thickness of 30mm. The minimalistic design continues through to the base track which has a completely flush finish which is both wheelchair and pushchair friendly.

The winner will be announced on the 9th of November 2018!

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