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30 Minute Fire Rated Glass Information

Large-scale building designs must include both fire-resistant and fire-safe glazing. In specific parts of a building, using fire-rated glass is crucial for both occupant protection in the case of a fire emergency.

IQ has many years of experience in the complex and technical process of designing and specifying fire-rated glass assemblies. In order to ensure that we produce a completely secure fire-rated installation, all fire-rated glazing, fire-rated fixings, and any accompanying frameworks will need to be taken into consideration as a single unit.

With 30 minute fire rated glass, the glazing system will be tested to resist exposure to fires for as long as 30 minutes. This allows for a comfortable time to escape a building in the event of a fire. 30 minute fire rated glass systems still remain minimal and as frameless as possible despite their high performance against fire and extreme heat.

30 Minute Fire Rated Glass Doors

A variety of opening configurations, such as single or double opening doors, are available for our steel door line. For a contemporary, industrial-style appearance, sets of doors can also be combined into a sizable glass façade that is fire-rated or with fixed sidelights and overhead glazing. 30 minute fire rated glass doors are great, simple solutions to provide fire protection and due to their slim frames they can be seamlessly integrated into any style of project.

When used as an external escape door, the steel fire-rated doors can be manufactured with thermally broken frames, or non-thermally broken for internal fire doors. Additional customisation of the frame head is also possible to provide various arched door designs.

30 Minute Fire Rated Glass Partitions

Glass partitions are most commonly installed within commercial developments due to them providing both natural light, fire protection and separation throughout office spaces and other shared buildings. Fire rated glass partitions are also often used for residential projects especially when creating separation between kitchen and living spaces.

Almost any number of design possibilities are possible when fixing multiple fire-rated structural glass panels together. The screening system can be used to integrate glass fire doors for a large glazed opening option, or it can be utilised to create glass walls between rooms.

Minimal silicone seals can be used to unite each glazed unit in a frameless glass facade, and the external fasteners are neatly hidden inside the building's finishes. Alternatively, art-deco steel glazing bars can be incorporated to a fully bespoke design of artisan steel framing to create separation between rooms.

Fire Rated Glass Floors

In order to safeguard escape routes and prevent the spread of fire from lower floors upwards, walk-on glass floors must be fire rated. These floors are designed and tested to sustain an extended period of protection during a fire.

Glass that has been toughened can tolerate temperatures as high as 260°C, while glass that has been fire-rated can tolerate temperatures as high as 870°C.

With the IQ Fire glass floor solution, a variety of glass shapes are possible and have been tested, giving architects more creative freedom when creating fire-rated glass installations. It is possible to create shapes like circles, curved edges, and slanted edges, which enables the installation of a fire-rated glass floor to match irregularly shaped walkways.

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30 Minute Fire Rated Glass Doors

The 30 minute fire rated glass doors can be specified to resist extreme heat and open flames for a maximum time frame of 30 minutes. This allows for a great deal of time for escaping the building in the event of a fire outbreak. You can see the details on our fire rated doors here. 

30 Minute Fire Rated Glass Partitions

30 minute fire rated glass partitions are sleek systems that provide protection from fire for up to 30 minutes. 30 minute fire rated partitions are ideal for residential developments especially around the kitchen area. For commercial projects 60/90 or 120 minute systems may be more suitable depending on footfall and building size. 

30 Minute Fire Rated Glass Floors

Fire rated glass floors can either be 30 minute rated or 60 minute rated which is ample for a fire rated floor. Due to the floor being structural and having to deal with human weights often, fire rated floors should be avoided in the event of a fire if possible. Due to some projects not having this possibility, it is of high importance that fire will not affect the floor straight away which should allow for a risk-free escape.