Garden Studios

Award Winning Garden Studio with Glass Walls

IQ Glass designed, supplied and installed all the structural glass elements to this award winning home studio designed by SOUP architects.

The twinned multi use studios were built within the mature landscaped garden of the couple’s home in Suffolk. By setting the new garden studios and workspaces away form the house the architects hoped to achieve a quiet, tranquil, creative work environment for the couple.



SOUP Architects



Orientation of the garden studios and the direction that the frameless glass walls faced was important in the design to maximise the amount of natural daylight that entered the home studio spaces.

To maximise this light exposure IQ Glass designed each end of the garden studio to be made from frameless structural glass. The external panel of each insulated glass unit was stepped over the thermally efficient timber and steel frame and then back painted black to create a sleek, flush external appearance to these glass walls.


Internally the structural glass walls were finished framelessly, with only the slim silicone joint between each insulated glass panel interrupting the views of the surrounding gardens.

The project was shortlisted and then awarded the RIBA East Region Awards 2015 with the ‘Simple palette of materials and details both internally and externally’ cited as one of the projects most admirable qualities.