Reflective Glass Coatings

Mirrored coatings can be applied to glass to create a highly reflective finish for a mirrored appearance and improved solar control

Modern Glass Technology by IQ Glass

Reflective Glass Coatings

Reflective Coatings can be used on glass units to create a solar reflective surface suitable for solar control and also a certain aspect of privacy.

The visual privacy through the glass when the light levels are higher outside creates the reflective mirrored appearance from the external view whilst form the inside the glass is transparent.

Traditionally these types of reflective glass coatings were used on commercial buildings as an easy and effective way to control the solar radiation travelling into the buildings, thus reducing cooling costs.

‘One Way’ Glass

Now these reflective glass coatings are being used successfully in the residential design sector. A reflective surface to a glass panel will reflect its surrounding environment so is perfectly suited to small areas of construction to minimise the effect a new building or addition has on the surrounding space.

When light levels are higher outside during the day these reflective surfaces can act as a privacy screen, reflecting visual light externally allowing little vision through the glass surfaces. Internally, looking out onto a higher lit external space, the glass is still transparent.

This privacy element is reversed at night when the light levels internally are higher than the internal light levels; this allows the glass to appear transparent and removes the element of privacy to the glass faces.