October 26, 2023

Design Inspiration for Glazed Swimming Pool Enclosures

Written by Michelle Martin

Modern glazed pool enclosure

Swimming pool glazing enclosure designs

Whilst pool glazing enclosures offer protection from the elements, prevents dust, leaf and bug ingress, there are a few ways to achieve inspiring glass pool enclosure designs.  


Frameless structural glass to create glazed internal swimming pool

Pushing the boundaries of aesthetically beautiful yet structurally sound swimming pool glazing enclosure can now be realised thanks to glass and structural material innovation.  

The architectural glazing evolution is upon us with recent advances in glass performance, such as thermally broken triple glazing or vacuum glass ensuring that warm air cannot escape and cold air cannot penetrate. High performance glass provides maximum energy efficiency maintaining a consistent temperature all year round. Whether you seek a dome shaped structural glazing enclosure for your pool, traditional orangery style, double height glazed pool enclosures or a simple flat enclosure, there is a glazing solution to fulfill any design criteria.  

Below are a few of the projects we have worked on for the pool glazing enclosures. 


Cheshire minimal glazed pool enclosure

Cheshire Pool House

A modern pool house in Cheshire achieves a Miesian minimal effect glass using oversized glass walls and heated slim framed sliding glass doors   The ultra slim tall sliding glass doors open out to a beautifully well-manicured garden creating a permeable glass wall connecting the pool to the outdoors. The slim sliding glass doors preserve uninterrupted views with minimal sightlines of the frames at 21mm. Heated glass was installed on both the top and bottom panes in this minimal effect pool glazing enclosure design to eliminate fogging to maintain views out.  

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corner to corner glass to glazed pool enclosure


The Dyehouse modern glazed pool enclosure

A substantial modern glazed pool enclosure was designed to draw in far reaching panoramic views of the vast Yorkshire woodland valleys.  

The pool enclosure incorporates an overhang living roof with the structural pillars globally aligned with the frames of expansive ultra slim framed sliding glass doors.  

The oversized glass-to glass corners allow the façade of the modern glazed pool enclosure to appear as structurally frameless further preserving these breathtaking vistas while maximising natural light.

Read the full Dyehouse pool case study 


Curved roof and timber with full height sliding glass doors to modern glazed pool enclosure

Beckley Pool House

Beckley pool glazed pool enclosure combines floor to ceiling glass with slim framed sliding glass doors which meet a rendered curved roof with soft timber beams. The softness of the timber beams and curvature of the roof as part of the glazed pool enclosure is a design technique to improve the acoustics of the swimming pool space as well as acting as a continuation of the overall homely design to this pool house. Externally, the building appears as an unassuming outbuilding with aluminium barn style roof soft arching over the pool house.  

Glazing fills the entire pool enclosure that wraps around three sides of the building drawing in stunning views of the mature gardens.  

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Orchard House glazed pool enclosure

Orchard House

High performance marine grade slim sliding glass doors work with the high specification render of the internal walls of this modern glazed pool enclosure. The flat roof and overhand balances the vertical structural black pillars that form part of the architectural interest with vertical forms repeating throughout the new build in varying materials. This repetition of vertical forms in this elegant, glazed pool enclosure creates a sense of rhythm and unity in the design.  

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Whether you’re looking for a traditional conservatory style or a modern glazed pool enclosure, the possibilities are countless. 


If you’re planning a wellness space or a swimming pool and with a requirement for bespoke glazed pool enclosure, contact our technical team today! 01494 722 880