How do I start the process of getting a quote for the glazing I need?

In order to create a quotation for your architectural glazing or window package, we will ask for you to send some information about your project to us via email. The information that we will need will include:

The aesthetic design of the glazing you want

Any performance targets or criteria required from the glazing

The size of the glass elements required

The location of the project, including the first line of the address

A return email address and telephone number

If you have planning or architectural drawings that show the glazing elements you would like us to quote for please send these to us via email. All the information that we need is normally found on these drawings and it is the simplest way to understand the scope of the works.

If you do not have architectural or planning drawings to send to us you can send sketches with dimensions or written accounts of what glazing is required. Please make sure that all the information detailed above is included to ensure that we understand the full scope of the project and provide you with a detailed and accurate quotation.

Simply email your drawings and project information to hello@iqglassuk.com and your project will be processed for a quotation. Or better still come to the showroom with your drawings to discuss costs and requirements in person.

Do I need an architect for my project?

IQ always recommend you involve an architect in your plans for any major building or extension works. As a glazing company we do not conduct general building works nor do we offer a planning permission service. An architect will help you design and organise all of these additional building elements that are essential for a successful construction.

You can read more about why we recommend working with an architect at our blog.

I would like to talk to someone about my project before a quotation is created. What should I do?

If you would like to chat through the project before we create a quotation you can visit the showroom Monday to Saturday or give the technical team a call Monday to Friday to discuss your project requirements. We can offer advice and guidance as to what glazing solutions might be best for you and answer any questions that you may have.

In order to create a quotation, we will still need to receive the information above in written format via email which the team member will then forward to the estimating team to be processed for a quotation.

In most cases, we are able to give broad costing advice over the phone but due to the complex and technical nature of the glazing from IQ Glass, our quotations do have to be calculated, prepared and returned to you via email.

Alternatively, you could make an appointment with one of our technical consultants at our architectural glazing showroom in Amersham. We can then run through the project details in person, sketch out various design details and show you the products in person.

I am an architect and want to include IQ Glass in my NBS Specification. Where can I find your specification information?

Each product on the IQ Glass website has its own downloads section. If we have a pre-written NBS specification then you will be able to find it there.

IQ Glass UK can also prepare a unique NBS specification directly for you, based on your project and details. As our glazing products and designs are largely bespoke we would need some rough details about the glazing required to ensure that the specification was accurate.

If you would like for us to create an NBS specification for you please email us at hello@iqglassuk.com with your project requirements or call the team on 01494722880.

Don’t glass extensions get too cold in winter and too warm in summer?

As long as well insulated glass panels and thermally broken frameworks are used for your glass extension then the space will be a comfortable, warm environment throughout the year. The Uw value of the glass indicates the thermal efficiency of glass installations. Building Regulations require all windows are doors on an extension to have a Uw value of at least 1.6 W/m2K in order to comply with their insulation criteria.

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What is a U Value?

SAP Calculations and Glazing

Glass Extensions or highly glazed elevations will allow a lot of natural light into a space from the sun. But with sunlight also comes solar radiation. If your glass extension is not designed and planned properly this infra-red radiation from the sun will warm the internal faces, increasing the internal temperature.

Adequate ventilation, Solar Control Coatings, External Blinds or Electro Chromic Glass will reduce the effect of 'Solar Gain' and keep glass installations cool when required.

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Solar Control Coatings

I have sent my project information to you for a quotation. What happens now?

Once the administration team have processed your enquiry they will pass it onto the most suited estimator to provide a quotation. This quotation process can take up to 5 working days.

The estimator will look through the drawings that you have sent us as well as all the performance criteria and preferred glazing design. They will calculate the glass specifications required and have a look at installation logistics and encompass all this information into the quotation.

Once the quote had been completed and checked it will be returned to you via email. If you have any questions whilst you are waiting just give us a call.

Is Structural Glass Expensive?

When using glass in a frameless installation a high specification of glazing is required for structural strength. This additional thickness of glass and associated strengthening interlayers will increase the cost of the glass installation meaning that structural glazing will be more expensive than most framed alternatives.

IQ's team of estimators are able to advise you as to how to create the most cost effective structural glass assembly for your project. This could include changing the configuration of the glass units or the addition of additional structural supports.

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What is included in IQ Glass quotations?

When you receive a quotation from IQ Glass it is not simply a cost for some glazing. IQ Glass offer a full design, supply and installation service for high-end architectural glazing projects.

Our quotations include everything we think that we will need to install your glazing. This includes a full design service, warranties, site surveys and all materials. By including every cost at the beginning of the process you can effectively plan your budget with the promise of no hidden charges waiting further along the project.

Cranage and full contract lifts are not included as standard in our quotations as most projects that may require one will already have lifting practices or plans on site. If a crane or full contract lift is required it is likely that one will be needed for other elements of the build as well so the glass lift can be done at the same time, cutting down costs.

All of our quotes are trade quotations and therefore exclude VAT. This is because most of the projects that we are involved with are VAT exempt.

I have received my quotation and I have some questions. Who can I speak to?

The best person to speak to regarding your quotation is the estimator that put it together. They are the person who has checked through your drawings and knows the glass specifications and details of the products they have proposed.

The name of the person that created your quotation is shown on the first page of the quotation at the top under the heading ‘Prepared by:’. You can email them or just give the office a call on 01494 722 880 and you will be put through to them.

I want to see the products in person before I place the order. Where can I see them?

IQ Glass have an extensive architectural glazing showroom in Amersham, just outside of London. Here all of our most popular products are installed on show in full working installations.

Our showroom is the largest of its kind in the UK and is the best place to come to see any architectural glazing product before you place an order. The IQ Glass showroom is also part of the Sky House Design Centre which houses the showrooms of various different companies all offering products and services to the high-end property market.

Visits to the showroom are by appointment only. This is to ensure that there is a member of the team available to meet with you when you arrive. It is always best to meet with the person that created your quotation as they will have the best in depth knowledge of your project.

To make your appointment just email us or give the team a call on 01494 722 880.

The quotation I have received is out of my budget. Is there anything that you can do?

At IQ we will always quote you for the product, framing material or design that is requested. If your initial quotation is out of budget there are lots of different solutions that we can offer to provide the same design at a lower cost.

On occasion when we receive an enquiry from a client there is no specific product requested so we offer what we feel is most suited to the scheme. Obviously, budgets vary and IQ have the broadest range of products of varying price points so please contact us and explain the price point you require.

You can read our article How Can I Cost Engineer My Architectural Glazing Project? for more information on the different product substitutions that can be made.

Our aluminium fabrication division, Hedgehog Aluminium, may also be able to offer a more cost effective glazing package using their aluminium profiles. We may pass the project over to them if we feel this will be more cost effective for you.

Speak to the estimator that created your quotation and tell them what your budget is. They can offer tailored advice for your project and offer some cost reduction techniques. This may involve changing the framing material you have chosen or altering the size or configuration of your glazing.

I have received a quote and want to place the order. What do I do next?

When we sent you your quotation we will have sent you an order confirmation form. When you are happy with your quotation and are ready to proceed simply fill in your order confirmation form and return it to the estimator who created your quotation.

The estimator will then prepare a project file which will detail all the information agreed and discussed during the sales process and will hand this over to the contracts and design department. An invoice will be created for the order deposit and sent to you. Once this deposit invoice has been paid you will be issued with an IQ project reference and our design department will begin detailed design.

How do I Protect Myself from Glazing Companies Going Bust?

Unfortunately many traditional and old fashioned glazing companies have given the industry a bad name. With their big promises and large lines of credit, they very often went bust, taking their customers deposits with them.

Our advice is to properly research the financial history of the company you will be trading with to ensure it has a firm financial foundation. You can ask to speak to the company's bank manager and accountant to get a good understanding of its financial standing as well as looking up the company’s credit rating.

On larger value projects you may want to consider taking out a payment bond for the work to be completed or a cross company guarantee to protect the work.

How long do I need to allow in my construction program for the design and installation of the glazing?

Each of our glazing products will have a slightly different lead time. All of these lead times are listed within your quotation. For example, our minimal windows sliding doors have a lead time of 10-12 weeks whereas some of our less complex products, like our aluminium casement windows, have a smaller lead time of 6-8 weeks.

This lead time starts once our design drawings have been finalised and signed off. It is at this point that we place the order with our factories for the products or materials and the lead time begins.

When planning your construction program you must also take into account the design time. This design process time will vary for each project depending on how many iterations of the design drawings are requested and the scale of your project.

We recommend that you allow 4 weeks for the design process.

I have placed an order with you and have some questions. Who do I need to speak to?

That will depend on which stage of the project you are in.

If you are still in the design phase then your contact will be the design department.

Once your design drawings have been finalised you will be appointed a contracts manager who will be your one point of contact during your glazing installation. They will be the person to speak to should you have any questions about installation dates and programs.

If you do not know who your contracts manager is you can contact the team on 01494 722 880 with your IQ project reference and we can look up this information for you.

What is the IQ Group?

This is a frequent question we get asked by our customers. If you have had any direct communication with a member of the IQ Glass team you will have noticed that our email addresses all end with iqglass.group rather than iqglassuk.com.

The IQ Group, is the group of companies affiliated with IQ Glass. They include our factories and fabrication workshops, such as Sieger Systems, as well as our commercial glazing division, IQ Projects, and international glazing division, IQ International.

Many of the teams work across different divisions and have dealings with many areas of the group of companies, we, therefore, adopted the email domain of iqglass.group.

What warranties do you offer?

Each system will have a slightly different warranty, and whether or not the system is automated may affect this. For more information about individual glazing solutions please speak to your sales advisor. IQ's design is covered PI insurance.