Structural Glazing

Structurally Bonded Systems

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When choosing the glazing systems for your next project, it’s important to understand the benefits of choosing structurally bonded systems. Bonded systems are perfectly suited to a contemporary style, following a minimal appearance and allowing the glazing to be the main feature.


During the manufacturing stage, bonded window and door systems are designed to have the glass structurally bonded into the frame. This is more secure than beaded systems as it eliminates the risk of anyone being able to take the systems apart. As the beading elements are not required for bonded systems, the sightlines can be slimmer.

glazed kitchen extension with side infill roof and sliding glass doors

Slim Sightlines

With slim sightlines being one of the main priorities for luxury new build projects, bonded systems are seen as superior to bonded. Minimal sightlines from just 21mm can be achieved using our structurally bonded systems, including opening elements like slim framed sliding glass doors.

Structurally bonding ensures that the frame is permanently fixed to the glass, adding a higher level of security than other methods. When a project is striving to meet specific security requirements, for example a high profile homeowner, bonded systems are favoured.



Due to the strong nature of structural bonding, the systems themselves can act as a structural element within a build. A sliding door system functioning as a structural element within a project adds a higher level of quality and strength, adding support to the opening structure.

Another example of structural bonding within a door system is the Sieger Lux. Using structural bonding to manufacture the luxury system, the slim framed system offers super slim sightlines, enhanced security and a strong structural element.

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Structurally bonded systems have many advantages and are the perfect choice for many different home designs. Contemporary new builds, traditional countryside homes and anything in between are all perfectly suited for these high quality, secure systems.

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