Structural Glass and Glazing

The beauty of structural glass is its ability to create completely frameless structural glazing installations without the limitations you would incur with other systems.

The team at IQ have developed a unique structural glass fixing system; Invisio. Invisio is the UK’s only thermally broken structural glazing system.

Our years of experience in architectural glass design and installation gave us a unique position to design a frameless glass solution that addressed architects' main concerns with the use of bespoke structural glazing.

The inbuilt thermal break means that Invisio structural glass installations have impressive levels of thermal insulation, much higher than any other typical structural glazing solution on the market and remove the normal thermal bridging issue of structural glass.

The pre-tested scenarios mean that we can provide testing data and typical design details for structural glazing, something not possible with your typical steel angle system.

Above all, the Invisio system allows architects the flexibility to design bespoke structural glass installations with peace of mind from a fully tested and proven system. The CAD Details for the Invisio System are available to download here. 

See below for some of the most popular uses of structural glazing. Remember these installations are completely bespoke. If you require something different or specialist just speak to the expert team at IQ.


Structural glass and glazing