Mondrian® Steel Framed Fire Rated Facades

Our fire rated facades with modern steel framing are able to create fire rated elevations with a fire rating of up to 90 minutes integrity and insulation.

Fire Rated Façade

A Mondrian® steel fire rated facade is an elevation of glass, framed in specialised steel profiles, that has a fully tested fire rating. IQ Glass offers fire-rated steel facade systems available in fire ratings from E30 up to El90 for a full fire-rated facade with integrity and insulation testing. These Mondrian® fire-rated facades are designed for robust fire protection while offering sophisticated Art Deco inspired steel frames.

The slim steel sections have been specially designed for a fire-rated facade and have framing sections of as little as 50mm. This slim, yet hardy facade system implements fire safety discreetly and elegantly. The fire-rated facade system provides a whole range of structural solutions for creating glazed facades up to 5m tall will an unlimited width. The ability to design these steel-framed facades to such large expanses provides limitless possibilities for creating highly glazed and fire-rated complete facades of impressive glazing.

Offering architects and developers freedom to create large areas of architectural glazing, the steel-framed fire-rated facade system is an outstanding solution for both aesthetics and functionality. The facade systems hold the glazing in place in the event of a fire using various components such as fire-proof anchors, stainless steel clamping sections etc to prevent the entry of fire and smoke.

Steel Façade Design

The fire-rated steel profiles are made from uncoated steel or hot-galvanised strip steel, suitable for powder-coating any RAL colour required for your architectural specification. With specialised coupling sections, these facades can also be designed with corner connections and as faceted facades for non-linear building designs.

Multiple mullions and transoms can be integrated into the fire-rated façade to reach multiple storey heights or to create a traditional steel-framed façade design with our specialised fire rated profiles. There are several construction options including mullion-mullion-transom, mullion-transom-mullion and also segmental glazing.

Standard toughened glass does not offer adequate fire resistance to provide the required fire protection for escape routes. These standard glass units will shatter at approximately 250° which can be reached within minutes when a fire starts. Fire-rated glass is designed to help keep flames and smoke from spreading from one room to another, this compartmentation plays a vital role in restricting the damage a fire causes to one limited area.

These steel, industrial style, fire rated facades can be installed beside non-fire rated mullion-transom facades to create a cohesive aesthetic. Steel framed facades are a traditional glazing design that is affiliated to the Bauhaus due to the industrial style glazing aesthetic.